Help Propel Our Students.

Become a Community Partner by contributing to one of the three programs below!

Swimming Lessons

  • The majority of our students never go near water because they do not know how to swim. For $250 a student can receive a six week swim course and be able to enjoy the waters year round. This is not only great exercise but can be life- saving.

SAT Prep

  • The SAT exam performance is very highly correlated to socio-economics. Our students cannot afford to attend a costly SAT preparation program. A $250 investment will allow them to attend “1600 SAT Drive” a top notch SAT immersion course.

Tennis Lessons

  • Most of our PROPELIANS never set foot on a tennis court. For $250 our students can take four weeks of tennis lessons, a game they could play their whole lives.

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With your help, our growing problem will have a growing solution in our backyard.

We accept most donations via PayPal.

Prefer to send a check? Please make it payable to PROPEL Inc.: 2500 NW 5th Ave, Boca Raton, FL 33431