PROPEL Mentorship Program

What does it mean to be a mentor to someone? According to the Dictionary, it means an experienced and trusted advisor who trains someone else. However, here, at PROPEL, we view it as a partnership that both individuals can grow and learn from each other in order to elevate confidence, self-worth, and interpersonal skills.

As a Mentor, you will be working very closely with students from disadvantaged homes and economical status. You will be helping with students gain life skills, improve confidence, and link them with networking connects and resources.

“After mentoring [Garsendy] through PROPEL, I offered him an internship at my organization because I enjoy giving people the opportunity to reach their full potential. I hope to be a role model who can teach Garsendy about much more than just running a business. My hope is to provide the foundation for him to excel throughout life. I also want to share the mentoring is not one-sided. I have been able to extract numerous reminders of the importance of life’s foundation by mentoring Garsendy and others.”

Richard WeissmanChairman and CEO of The Learning Experience

“It’s meant a lot to me. Before I met Richard, I didn’t even think about going to college. But he told me about the importance of a college education and even offered to help pay for my college tuition. After I graduate high school this year, I now plan on attending college.”

GarsendyMentee at PROPEL

To read more about Garsendy and Ricard’s experience, Click here for the Forbes article.


What do you look for in a Mentor?

We are looking for a Mentor that can stay and build a relationship with these kids. Most of the people in their life aren’t able to give them support, motivate, or care for them. Some of the things we are looking for are experience, connections, and support in order to help enhance their skill sets and advance them through life.

Why should I become a Mentor?

You should become a Mentor for a pletora of reasons: very rewarding to give back; you have experiences and knowledge that could help set these kids on the right track; and it will be a partnership that you will be able to grow from as well. Propelians are a family; become a part of the family.

What will be my commitment?

You will be expected to set up meeting sessions with your student, during PROPEL program hours, at least twice a month. We encourage more meetings, during PROPEL hours, to help build trust and a soild foundation of a relationship between you and the student, however, only twice a month is the requirment.
You will being aiding and supporting your student through multiple means. Whether its with helping them on their homework/projects, helping them deal with a social or self problems, providing networking connects and resources, or conducting exercises to help them with much needed life skills; you will be building ways to best support your students.

How does this program work?

You will need to go to the top of this page and fill out the Mentor Questionaire. The students will be filling out a similar form in order to help match you up to a student you will be best suited for. After completing the questionaire, we will be contacting you for the next steps into becoming an official PROPEL Mentor and meeting your student.