Our Dedication

PROPEL is dedicated to supporting the academic and social-emotional needs of the most vulnerable in our community.

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Providing education Empowering leaders
Transforming Households

Our Why

We believe in the potential of every student. After school, our students are transported from their schools and bused to our facility where they receive a meal, fun-activities, and tutors to assist with their school assignments. At no cost to the students and/or their families.

Our Approach

Over the course of our programs, students are introduced to mentors, scholarship opportunities, and/or training programs.

Our Impact

Be the change you want to see in the world. When it comes to making a positive change, Propel provides a variety of charitable programs and initiatives for you to get involved with. We’re looking forward to having you involved.



Each student is important to us and we see the part we play in their education as a true privilege. 

Life skills

 We help students realize their full potential and develop the confidence to excel in any situation.


Our tutors have years of experience and knowledge. Propel gives students the tools they need to achieve their academic dreams.