PROPEL’s principal focus on education development is demonstrated by:

  • creating positive opportunities for our students,
  • building confidence in their academic potential, and
  • opening up possibilities.

We work with multiple community sources, including high school principals and counselors, to identify students that are at risk due to socio-economic factors, unstable family environments, poor school attendance, and some already on the fringes of the justice system.

We operate an afterschool center, THE HUB, Monday through Thursday. Through THE HUB, PROPEL is able to provide homework assistance to over 100 middle school through college aged students. THE HUB establishes a positive learning environment for our students and possesses resources needed for all students to excel in their studies.

Each student’s progress is tracked individually; therefore, they are given a chance to proceed in their own specialized journey. In order to maintain this structure, THE HUB is divided and is equipped with well versed tutors to assist our students. Every afternoon, our students attend THE HUB with the educator who is most geared toward their current need:

  • The Grammatics Hub is available to students who need assistance in their English courses, and for those who may be working on a paper. This space is also open to students who are catching up on reading material.
  • The Equation Station is used to help students with their math studies.
  • The General Studies Hub is available to students working on a myriad of projects.

1600 SAT Drive: PROPEL provides SAT/ACT preparation materials and tutoring to our students that are getting ready to take their exams. The specialized tutor is here Monday through Thursday providing the proper study skills to master their college entrance assessments. The goal is to have students reach high scores so their opportunities are maximized.

Bonding Over Books: Many students have not been exposed to the joy of reading. This program is designed to help students find this passion. Every two months, those committed to this program are given a book to read and analyze. They meet regularly throughout the term to discuss their findings. The discussions incorporate literary terms and grammatical structures into their everyday reading.

Elite Techies: The computer lab allows PROPEL to host sessions that help students become more proficient in their computer skills. With a main focus in Microsoft Office tools, every student that comes to PROPEL has the opportunity to leave with a well rounded background that will help them through their courses and future professions.

College Hub: After students have graduated high school, the road ahead does not get easier. PROPEL hosts a College Hub helping students get through their college classes and transition into adulthood. This program allows students to learn study skills, practice time management, find internships and jobs, and keep their scholarships coming in.