PROPEL partners with Title I schools to identify students who would benefit the most from participation.  PROPEL provides after-school programming for approximately 76 high risk/low income students during the school year.  Each day, participants are transported by PROPEL from their school to the program site and then in the evening are transported home, eliminating the burden of transportation cost and logistics for working parents and caregivers.  PROPEL understands that all hard-working students deserve a real opportunity to earn an affordable, high-quality degree or credentials that offer a clear path to civic engagement, economic security, and success.

PROPEL students receive tutoring and homework help in a positive learning environment equipped with computer and internet access. PROPEL’s goal is to launch students with the capacity to lead an authentic life and leave their own unique mark on the world.

PROPEL has a full program calendar; offering physical activities, Leadership Council and Financial Literacy Education. PROPEL’s High School students are offered Post-Secondary support; including Scholarship application support College Tours and Internship placement.

PROPEL rising Juniors and Seniors participate in SAT test strategy and preparation classes. On average participating students have increased their SAT scores to 1100; a requirement for college admission and scholarship opportunities. PROPEL tracks academic progress and each student receives an Individual Success Plan (ISP) to address their unique strengths and learning style.

PROPEL provides SAT/ACT preparation materials and tutoring to our students that are getting ready to take their exams. The specialized tutor is here Monday through Thursday providing the proper study skills to master their college entrance assessments. The goal is to have students reach high scores so their opportunities are maximized.

Many students have not been exposed to the joy of reading. This program is designed to help students find this passion. Every two months, those committed to this program are given a book to read and analyze. They meet regularly throughout the term to discuss their findings. The discussions incorporate literary terms and grammatical structures into their everyday reading.

The computer lab allows PROPEL to host sessions that help students become more proficient in their computer skills. With a main focus in Microsoft Office tools, every student that comes to PROPEL has the opportunity to leave with a well rounded background that will help them through their courses and future professions.