Student Council: This council consists of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and historian. The main goal of the council is to ensure that the voice of the students is being heard. This group represents the student body as a whole.

Every August, an election is held so that students can rightfully choose their representatives. This group of leaders designates meeting times throughout the school year. The president creates an agenda for each meeting. The secretary takes the minutes of meetings and events. The council is given a budget, maintained by the treasurer, to work with for each semester. It is up to them to figure out how to use these funds to benefit everyone. The historian advertises all upcoming events to the general body and takes pictures to preserve memories.

Elite Leadership Academy: Students enjoy learning new methods of becoming an active leader in their communities. This academy teaches them the skills and traits they need to fulfill the roles they are rapidly taking on. They are learning what a leader is, studying great leaders of the past, and exercising leadership traits to make positive changes. Through this academy, students also learn about character, values, and teamwork.

We Dine Together-“WDT”: “WDT” We Dine Together is a program initiated by PROPEL students in which no student at school should have to eat alone by choice. Some of our students felt isolated when they arrived from foreign countries not knowing a soul at their schools, hence having to eat alone. These students wanted to make a difference. They extended the club to anyone that wants to join. It is a non-invasive way of asking students who might be shy, new to the school, or just simply want to meet people a forum for getting together. The requirements are respect and tolerance for all creeds, colors, races, political affiliations and sexual orientations. WDT operates in two Boca Raton High Schools in which they eat together on a daily basis. They also have one out-of-school event per week ranging from kickball to going to an art museum.