Thank You Cecil Fielder!


IMG_0295 (3)The great Cecil Fielder came in to speak to our students and share his story. With his words of wisdom, he encouraged our students to dream big and work hard. Our students were extremely grateful for his time and were truly inspired. Many stayed behind to take pictures with him and get his autograph at the end of the presentation. Not only did he donate his time, he also donated $5,000 to PROPEL so we can get two new basketball hoops!


Thank You Cecil!!!

Please join us in welcoming our new staff!

Among all the great changes that have been occurring here at PROPEL, we have also had the opportunity to add two committed members to our team. Gregg now hold the position of Executive Director here at PROPEL, leading his team to new heights. Shaena is the Educational Program Director, utilizing her new title to combine her passion for education and youth empowerment.